Wednesday Night Live – Extended (1/30)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoThis week marks the final week in a month-long study through 4 of the most confusing things that Jesus said while in His ministry here on earth…a

This week we continued to grow, both numerically and Spiritually. Looking back over the past few weeks, there are a few students whom I can point to and say “you have grown in your faith.” These students (along with others who have been all along) are engaging the material, and adding to the discussion. They are not falling into the trap of being here only because they have to. Now, there are a few who are, but it is the ones that have grown recently (visibly) that may excite me the most. This is not to say that the students who have been involved and engaged the entire time do not excite me, merely choosing to focus on these other students momentarily.

Tonight we discussed Luke 14.25-27, wherein Jesus essentially seems to calls us to follow Himself and hate our families. It was not hard for many of our group to understand and vocalize that Jesus is calling disciples to love Him more than we love anyone (or anything) else, but it was an exercise for them to learn (or in a few of their cases be reminded of) that we need to look at these verses in context. Immediately before this passage is the Parable of the Great Banquet. In this parable, Jesus shares the excitement and what it means to be invited to be a part of His family, His Kingdom, and this passage elaborates on the cost of being a true disciple. We even spent a little time looking at what a disciple is according to the dictionary (very broad definition there) and what it meant to be a disciple in the 1st century [and the fact that this still applies to us today. All in all, we are called to Follow God at all costs, denying everything and everyone else, placing God first in everything. Nothing should have more of our love, adoration or devotion than God.

There have been several moments over the past 4 weeks where students visibly had the light come on. They have acquired the knowledge. Some have grown. Now we shall see if they have truly learned, and if they have internalized and applied what they have heard.

A really cool side note to the evening: I am on a mission to procure a Bible for one of our students who needs one. Awesome.