How Did You Find Me? vol.19

Another week, another list of the most interesting search terms that have led people here to Confessions of a Human Being. Perhaps I should star doing this on a monthly basis, as opposed to weekly?

  •  what did Jesus mean when He talked about – … about what? It doesn’t tell me the rest!!!
  • american gladiators youth minister – yup, there was one two weeks ago. the “reverend of rip” took over for someone calling himself “the hebrew hammer” (i missed the first couple of minutes of the episode. For more info, go here. (ht to Marko)
  • entertainment is it good for teens? – some of it is. not all of it is though. we must be very discerning in our selections.
  • how many times has joel osteen been married – i am not sure, but i believe only once.
  • relational evangelism to teenagers – perhaps the most effective method. look for more in the future. nose around the blog for numerous examples.
  • who are you – i am not. but i know I AM.
  • being available youth ministry – we need to be available to our teens in youth ministry… emotionally available, open door policies so they can drop in, and more. (just don’t forget that your family still needs to come first).
  • hauntings+christianity – an… interesting… combination.
  • isaiah told me to walk naked – well, if your friend told you to, you might want to rethink your friend choices. if the prophet Isaiah told you to, you need to go back and re-read Isaiah 20. God told Isaiah to, not you.