Thoughts From My Sabbath

I took today off (as anyone, not just those in Student Ministry, should do), as I do each week. Thursday is my Sabbath each week. No ministry, no visits, don’t go into the office. I let people know that I am completely incommunicado on Thursdays. I spend the day exclusively with my family. And today, I had a lot of fun thoughts I think I shall share with you.

  • Watched Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader with Kelly (one of her favorite shows) and through the magic of DVR (special deal with the cable company for switching over) made it through the 2-hour long episode in about 45 minutes. What does that tell you about our society’s fascination/obsession with advertising?
  • Could have made it to the Million Dollar question with tonight’s list of questions for the Middle School Principal.
  • Did the same thing with Supernanny (another of Kelly’s favorites) last night, and was inspired to cook tonight.
  • I forgot how much I enjoy putting a meal together. Created it entirely from scratch, with no recipes. Really enjoyed myself.
  • Loved spending so much time making Abigail laugh uncontrollably this evening. Every day I just cannot believe how much joy she brings us. We really did select a great name (Abigail means “A Father’s Joy”).
  • Rested. Period. Needed it. God allowed me to have it. Awesome.