Let the [Student] Creativity Flow! part 2

I and four teens from our ministry spent the better part of this afternoon filming the premier episode of a project that they created. The Purple Police started out as a fun way to inform students at our Friday Night Flood ministry of our No Purple clause (which merely calls for students to refrain from Public Displays of Affection while attending our programs), and has exploded into an entire series, delving into topics such as lust, temptation, and more.

We had a blast. Running around the church with a video camera. Being goofy. Hanging out in the Man Cave (my basement) afterwards to chat, play the footage, and enjoy some down time together (they are all pretty busy any other time during the week). It was a terrific afternoon of relational ministry. And most of them should be dropping in Friday after school for a Bible study that has grown out of one of these students and myself meeting to discuss Scripture.

Today’s lesson: Take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Sometimes God gives us chances to really dive into student’s lives. And they do not crop up when you would expect them to. So be vigilant for chances to really get to know your teens.

The video series will premiere on Friday February 1st. The video will be up here on Saturday the 2nd.

For now, enjoy the advertisement that we filmed this afternoon (after filming no less than 8 other takes before we got this one. Look for those outtakes down the road as well).