How Did You Find Me? vol. 17

Once again unto the breach… or at least unto the list of my favorite search terms that led readers here to Confessions of a Human Being this week.

  • growing your teen in christ – i love that someone is searching for this. kudos!
  • youtube speedos over bathing suit – need you ask?
  • Human Flood videos – huh?
  • fat speedo – ugh. one made of fat, or one filled with fat?
  • youth ministry encouragement – a big part of why i write this blog.
  • pick-up de competition – a what?
  • fat speedo snow – well there is a variation…
  • the needs of our youths in our church – great question. i could only offer general thoughts, and nothing specific to individual churches. but a great question.
  • joel osteen golden compass controversy – is there one?
  • help my wife listens to bad music – what type of bad music?
  • dr don headly – who?
  • how do i get joel osteen to come to my church – i do not know.
  • youth running meetings – i look to blog about this in the coming week. look for it…
  • chris daughtry album cover – better searching? google image search for artist/band name, album title.
  • what to do with teens on friday night – are you anywhere near corry, pa?
  • called outside of youth ministry – it happens…
  • purpling youth group – are you referring to teens making purple (p.d.a.)?