The First Media Review of 2008!

One of the most common searches that lead to my blog is Angels and Airwaves. Since I typically have them in the “What’s in the iPod” sidebar widget (currently showcasing the new music I received for Christmas), this information is not completely surprising. There is a load of great music to be found in their albums, especially a lot that can be apprehended for youth ministry. I eagerly awaited the launch of their second album I-Empire, as I enjoyed the first one so much, and wondered if it would find its way under my Christmas tree this year. It didn’t, but some cash did, so I purchased it instead.

It’s good.

Many of you may also know that I run another blog. This other blog (Redemptively Reviewed) is dedicated to offering reviews of music, TV, movies and more from a Christian perspective. I have finally spent enough time listening to the album that I was able to offer an in-depth review. If you are at all interested, please check it out here.

And for an equally in-depth review on their first album We Don’t Need to Whisper, go here.

Please check them both out and let me know what you think. Poke around the rest of my entries as well.