WNL Extended – (1/2)

The Spamtastic ChallengeAnother change-of-pace evening for H20’s Wednesday Night Live program last night. We hosted what has been labeled the Spamtastic Challenge. That’s right, we taught Spiritual Truth using Spam! So how did the evening go down? Keep reading to find out!

The entire evening took place in the church’s kitchen. Though I was expecting only a few students, we wound up having a baker’s dozen (kudos to the first reader who posts the correct number for this reference). I gave announcements for upcoming events and opportunities, and we began. The first hour or so was taken up by students split up into teams and taking one of the 4 and 1/2 recipes available to them (I say 1/2 because one of the recipes was created on the fly. Let’s just say that it involved nearly an entire can of Dr. Pepper and was actually quite tasty!) and creating their dish. We cooked the food (except for the one dish that did not need it) and hung out playing basketball or talking.

Once the last dish came out of the oven, we gathered around the kitchen island, invited a neutral judge to rank the appearance of the dishes (not surprisingly the one that one lost in a taste test), and for me to share the Spiritual Truth. Here are some of the bullet points from the message:

  • Spam is viewed as something that is worthless. We are all worthless… (Romans 3.10)
  • Unless God is involved. He takes our fallenness and creates something beautiful out of it.
  • During the preparation, one group was squeezing the spam out of their hands through the spaces in their fingers. God allows this to happen to us, much like He allowed Peter to be sifted by Satan. He does this in order to show us our faith and to allow us to build perseverance, maturity and completeness. Allow God to squeeze you and mold you. ( James 1.2-18)
  • Be watchful. Sometimes the roughest looking exterior houses the most beautiful heart.

Enjoy the video