How Did You Find Me? vol. 15

Anyone getting tired of these yet? These search terms that led people here are my favorite this week. Short list this week, just not a lot of searchers (and a lot of repeats).

  •  joel osteen detractors – you know, i have used joel osteen’s name here, and even though i have serious misgivings about his ministry, i have never used the term detractor here… intuitive searching? and was this readers searching for someone to agree with or to argue with?
  • getting naked for christmas – ummm… what?
  • joel osteen the berean call – hmm intriguing term there…
  • getting naked for christ – check it out…
  • naked youth – if you searched for this one, you need to seek treatment.
  • jesus wife daughter human being – no jesus did not have either a wife or a daughter. dan brown (and others preceding him) lied.
  • creative names for youth leadership team – good question. any takers?