Wings and a Movie

h20 student ministriesWe took part in a (somewhat) long-standing tradition for H20 Student Ministries yesterday. We trekked across the frigid arctic tundra of Northwestern PA from Corry to Erie to take part in Wings and a Movie, in which we view a movie and eat wings (or other food) at Quaker Steak and Lube.

The trip went well. First, of the 40+ students who signed up to come, only 23 showed up. This enabled us to take fewer vehicles and made the day much more manageable for us leaders. And our Medical Release Forms that we use for the year (students turn one in and it covers them for participation in any event off church grounds for the entire year. If you are interested in checking it out, go here, and feel free to adapt it and use it for your own ministry!) were either on file or brought in hand with all but 3 students. And those ones did not require much effort to get parents signatures onto. We prayed, and were off to the magical not-so-far-away land of Erie, PA!

The movie was an excellent choice (and voted upon last week in Sunday School democratically). We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It provided us with a lot of discussion topics, and gave us much entertainment for 2 hours. If you are interested, check out my more in-depth review of it here. Needless to say, I do recommend it for Youth Ministry. So add it to the list!

After that we journeyed a few blocks away to Quaker Steak (love that place) and ate while discussing the movie and some of the issues it raised (breaking the law for family, family unity, leaving a legacy, etc.). This was different, as in the past the trip would involve eating first, then movie viewing. There was good discussion, great fellowship, and the ride home consisted of a lot of discussion that dove even deeper in a few of our teens’ lives.

A great day of ministry. Almost no negatives, and the Spirit was present. I can see that especially now, looking back on it. I am excited about our next one.

For a good review and discussion questions for the movie, go here.