How Did You Find Me? vol. 14

Even during the Christmas season, those crazy search terms that lead people here do not stop coming. Here is a list of my favorite ones from this week.

  • bad music influences – that is a broooaaaaad topic.
  • really fat man – ???
  • santa claus, swimsuit – wasn’t this one from a couple weeks ago?
  • the trilogy intelligences lds – what? how does this search term make sense?
  • fat little santas – as opposed to skinny big santas?
  • hard questions with intelligent answers – you will find many of those here.
  • answering mormon missionaries – if they are anything like the onese who visited me recently, you simply state that unless they will listen to you and not just rattle off their pat answers instead of engaging in real discussion, you simply do not have the time to talk right now.
  • embed stage 6 videos in myspace – you can’t. myspace disabled the support for stage six players, because they want you to use their player (oddly enough they still support youtube and google video players).
  • songs from the body – what’s the most musical part of your body? the nose, because you can pick it and blow it.
  • david crowder all i can say – a truly awesome album.
  • teens getting naked outside – you will NEVER find ANYTHING like that here. whoever searched for this needs shot. or their eyes gouged out. and a police task force sent to their home. with tasers. and cattle prods.
  • old men in speedos – why? please, why?
  • white lie for christmas – isn’t it funny that we are quick to jump into sharing the lie of santa at christmas, but are slow to share the real reason at christmas (or any other time of the year for that matter)?
  • old man speedos blog – is there really a blog dedicated to this?!