Friday Night Flood extended- (12/21)

friday-night-flood.jpgTonight was the last Friday Night Flood for the year! Of course, there is only a one-week break in the programming, as we start back up on January 4th (Assault night). But it is still kind of bittersweet to say this is the last one of the year. And it certainly was a memorable one.

We had our normal run of games, music, sports, food, and all the other fun stuff. We brought back the big game after a week off (not that successful last week, but there were a few cries to watch Wakko belch Jingle Bells again. Go figure). Look for the video of Dance Dance Evolution before the weekend is out (I have to. Going away for Christmas Eve). And we had one of our volunteers share with the students about a time where she felt and saw (by her own admission she is not sure if she opened her eyes, or saw it in her mind) angel’s wings wrapping around her at a prayer conference. A very powerful and moving testimony tonight. The only downside was that the video camera battery died halfway through her talk. I do not know how much we recorded, so I am praying that it was enough to be able to tie the ending up with a few words on a blank background at the end.  would really hate to lose that message (video-wise). There was not a lot else to mar the mood or the feel of the evening.

Except for a couple of attitudes. For only the second time since September, I was forced to send a teen home, with the message that he would only be allowed back after I had a chance to sit down with he and his parents to chat about why he was sent home. It was really quite sad that he had to go, as he has a lot to offer, and he was very obviously not listening to me at all when I was trying to work through the issue with him. No communication at all. That is not going to be a fun phone call.

And my favorite part of the evening, the debrief at Perkins, was even better tonight. just 6 of us hanging out, discussing the evening, discussing life, and goofing off like nobody’s business. In fact, I think letting my own humor crank up allowed a couple of the other leaders to let loose with their own. It was a great evening.

All this after a truly awesome afternoon of one-on-one relational ministry with one of my students. A good day.