Christmas Myths

This past Sunday I filled in for our Junior high Sunday School teachers, and spent time talking about some of the inaccuracies (and incomplete items) about the Christmas narrative that pop up around Christmas time. Inaccuracies such as the wise men did not come until two years after Jesus was born, Herod’s declaration for infanticide that led Joseph, Mary and Jesus to flee to Egypt), the role of Shepherds in Jewish society, the real impact of the presence of angels out of nowhere (check your shorts for leaks!), the fact that there is nothing in Scripture that states there were 3 kings (merely magi from the east) that came and visited Jesus. We did this in the hopes of

A) dispelling some of the myths that our teens have picked up from only listening to popular retelling of the Christmas narrative instead of reading it for themselves.


B) to hopefully allow this to impact their Christmas this year, and perhaps to spark some interest in reading for themselves outside of the church on Sunday mornings.

Only time will tell how this second one works out, but for even more myths of the Christmas narrative, head on over to The Internet Monk’s blog and read all about it. You might be surprised at just how much you thought you know about the Christmas narrative but were wrong about.

(and for the Christmas narrative, read here for Matthew, and here for Luke)