Wednesday Night Live – extended (12/19)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoTonight was a difficult night for Wednesday Night Live. The lesson was solid, the music was great, but the attitude and demeanor amongst our teens tonight was off. We actually had a few more teens than normal, which might have added to our problem. But I can really point to 4 or 5 teens tonight that, for whatever reason – be it frustration at school or home, a dislike of other teens in the room, whatever – carried an air of indifference and anger that was picked up and carried by most everyone else in the room. Even one of our calmer, more consistent and patient teens left the room at one point because he was angry.

I cannot say that there was one specific culprit to point to in all of this attitude. But it dragged the entire evening down. Game/activity time had a dark cloud hanging over it (and it doesn’t usually), the lesson was difficult to work through without putting out arguments, and I had to stop the evening at three different points to try and address the issues that were bubbling beneath the surface. I at times debated scrapping the lesson and trying to dive into whatever was brewing, but decided against it for 2 reasons. One, with our group, there was not going to be the possibility of getting an open, honest dialogue going without someone getting sarcastic. And two, this week capped off the Prophet, Priest and King series, and we really got to talk about what it really means for Jesus to be King in their (our) lives. We ended with some pretty significant points for our group to ponder this week (if they do think about it this week).

I would not categorize the night as a bad night. Merely difficult. True, the Baby Got Book video did not go over as well as I had hoped. In fact it gave me the opportunity to draw into the open why one of our seniors can quote every word to the Sir Mix-a-Lot original, but did not know who Ananias and Sapphira were three weeks ago. And yes, there were a lot of problems throughout the evening, but it allowed me to see into some of our teens’ hearts. I got a chance to see some of what was bubbling beneath the surface. It gives me a little bit of a direction to head in my personal ministry. It also re-confirmed in me a desire and a need to pursue counseling training. It was an insightful evening. Just difficult.

If you are interested, you can find Prophet, Priest and King videos at the H20 channel

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