Getting Naked in Youth Ministry

Shocking title, eh?

This past Saturday I spoke at our men’s ministry prayer breakfast. I was asked to share a little about myself and about our youth ministry. Where is it going? What are we planning? How are we succeeding? And more. I shared a little about my own journey that brought me here to Corry, PA, and a little about where our ministry is headed.

I also shared one of my favorite passages from Scripture. Isaiah 20. Take a minute to check it out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Read it? Good.

The main thrust of the oracle is that Isaiah is modeling punishment that Israel (and Egypt) are going to receive for placing their trust in a country instead of following God. Isaiah is told by God to walk around living his life naked. Let me reiterate: BUCKET NEKKID. This is a man of God, one well known around the area, and here he is trusting God to be in control. He is willing to be naked for God.

Now, this is not the thrust of the passage that I am about to go into, but the principal applies.

This is a valuable principal in Youth Ministry. God called Isaiah to get outside of his comfort zone, and to carry His message without even speaking a word. What is God calling us to do to carry His message to teens today? Now, He is not calling us to walk around naked (none of us would have jobs or the ability to walk around free anymore), but He does constantly call us to step outside of our comfort zone and carry His message to teens in ways that involve more than speaking. He calls us not to wear masks in our interactions with our teens. He calls us to be transparent, and to be honest in our time with our students.

Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone. Be real, honest and authentic with your students. Learn from Isaiah and listen for new ways to model God’s message. Don’t just fall back on words.

Don’t be afraid to get naked. In a figurative sense, of course.

What do you think?