How Did You Find Me? vol. 13

Another week, another roundup of the most entertaining search engine terms that led readers here. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • fat man in speedos – one man in multiple speedos? it just gets weirder each week…
  • joke + white lie – awhuh?
  • “confessions of  a” leaving God – again… awhuh?
  • how to run a youth group – loaded. lots of posts devoted to this one…
  • children ministry lesson on white lies – for good or for the evil that they are?
  • youth group ideas with a shocking point – God of Wrath anyone?
  • a man as a priest, prophet and king – nope, no man. Jesus.
  • big doctor headly santa claus – … i am at a loss for words on this one…
  • speedo fat – … really?
  • why teens listen to bad music – for the same reasons that adults do. though music cannot be bad or good.lyrics can. think about it.
  • why do our teenagers leave the church – it could be many reasons. check this out.
  • halo debate: 13 year olds – if the game is rated M, why is a 13 year old playing?
  • christmas theme pick-up lines – wow. let me know if you have any.
  • fat santa swim suit – … does it never end?
  • health and wealth john eldredge – only read the books, never heard the speaking. but the books don’t purport a health and wealth gospel.
  • what is happening to our teenagers today – what isn’t?
  • encouragement for youth leaders – what this blog is all about.
  • what does the bible say about christmas – the holiday itself? nothing. the reason behind the holiday? tons.
  • difficulties of youth pastor’s job – wow. that is a loooong list.
  • realistic santa claus – hmmm… a fat man who squeezes down chimneys all over the world in one night… realistic?