The Frigid December Air of Serving

After getting up early this morning to speak at our church’s men’s prayer breakfast (after four hours of sleep and a long night of ministry last night… still don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep last night), I stopped by Wal-Mart to check in on our bell ringing that our youth ministry (or a few students and adult volunteers who are a part of our ministry) was doing today for the Salvation Army. After bouncing between there and home (checking in on Kelly’s recovery from what we assume was the flu and napping), I closed out our volunteer time swinging the bell myself for an hour. During this time I was hit with a few observations.

  • There are still people who look for opportunities to help others. I witnessed a man who stopped to help a total stranger get from her scooter to her truck. Awesome.
  • Some people just don’t want a free candy cane. As part of our volunteering, we passed out free candy canes with a gospel message attached to them. Most of the people I offered them to either ignored me or looked at me as if I was insane. A few took them and enjoyed them, but more often than not they chose not to. Go figure.
  • Pushing carts is a lonely, cold job in December. I got to have several short conversations with the same guy as he brought carts into the store from the parking lot.
  • There are people who are filled with genuine joy by the act of giving. I got to see a lot of people who were overjoyed to be able to share out of their surplus for those less fortunate than themselves.
  • There are a lot of different scents when it comes to cigarette brands. Right outside the doors. Lots of smokers. Blowing wind. Some truly weird smells. Egh.