Friday Night Flood extended- (12/14)

friday-night-flood.jpgTonight was an off night for Friday Night Flood. We got to bathe the evening in prayer as a leadership team (most of us, anyway), which can be a difficult task when there are 20 impatient teens banging on the door yelling to be let in (despite the fact that we do not open the doors until 7:30pm and it is not yet 7:30). Generally I can tell what type of an evening it will be in the first few minutes, and tonight was no exception. Our girls were engaged in wall-to-wall drama for some reason, and most of our “trouble guys” did not even show up on the radar tonight. A reversal, since our “ringleader” of these guys is not allowed back until I can sit down with he and his parents to discuss his behavior and attitude on Friday nights. (He has been coming for 4 years and still cannot follow the few rules that we enforce). In fact, as of next week, our teens have lost the privilege of having food and drinks outside of the gym where our snack bar is set up. Toward the end of the evening I spent 5 minutes cleaning up discarded wrappers, candy, spilled pop, and more in the 3 rooms that we use in the church on Friday nights (gymnasium, youth room, narthex).

It is really hard to point to more than a couple of bright points tonight. One of our teens shared his testimony, some scripture and a song from Audio Adrenaline (Hands and Feet), and he seemed well received by the group. Though I only really got to see half of his time on stage, as I had to run Abigail home to Kelly (home with the flu, and Abby needed mom). I’ll get to watch the rest this weekend when I edit the video down to post to the web (which you’ll be able to watch here about Sunday evening). And the new layout for the Youth Room helped to keep the group a little more focused during Tim’s time of sharing than they normally would.

I would not write the night off as a waste, or as a failure. But I cannot really point to anything in it that makes it a success. I am not depressed, nor am I greatly encouraged. But I have limited human vision. God used tonight in some way. I am positive that He reached someone’s heart. I pray that some day I might be able to look back and see how. But even if I cannot, I am content knowing that at the very least, God used Tim’s message to plant some seeds.

Now it is off to bed, for I must awake early to keynote the men’s prayer breakfast, then help ring the bell for the Salvation Army with some of our youth, and help Kelly with Abby and the little boy that she babysits.