Wednesday Night Live – extended (12/12)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoPart two of Prophet Priest and King. That was tonight’s lesson. We reviewed last week’s lesson on Jesus fulfilling the role of Prophet, played a variation on dodge ball using a “priest” character to “heal” “dead” players (the idea here was to show that Priests were important to Israel. It worked fairly well).

Then we moved into the discussion phase of the evening. I had students define Priest. And as with last week, the definition was not that hard for them to come by. There were many that came up with most of the definition on their own. Then we spent some time looking through 7 passages from the Old Testament that described some (not an exhaustive list by any means) of the responsibilities that Priests had. We read through Hebrews 7 about Melchizedek and his Priesthood, and Jesus’ Priesthood as a result. We spent time looking back at those 7 responsibilities and found instances in Jesus’ life where He was shown fulfilling those responsibilities, and we closed the discussion out by looking at just how Jesus’ Priesthood continues to impact our lives today.

Jesus performed the ultimate sacrifice, bringing us back into right relationship with God, eliminating the need for a priest to mediate between us and God, and fulfilling the necessary blood sacrifice for our sins all in one fell swoop. Only He could have done this for us. Only He would be able to do this, and only a Priest could have made such a sacrifice. Our teens saw this as a pretty significant impact on their lives today.

Tonight was a much better night as far as holding attention, and having teens attentively participate in discussion. It really was. I am very happy with the results during the evening. I only pray that they take the questions we closed with to heart and mull them over this week.

  • What in your life needs healed?
  • What in your life is sinful and needs to be washed away?
  • What is your relationship with God like, and how can Jesus help you fix it?