Mentor Me

Last week I had a great God moment. A student texted me, wondering if I could set up a Scripture reading plan to help him keep on track, because on his own he finds himself unable to last more than a few days at a time. I texted back that I would be happy to do this for him, and we set it up.  Take hold of this and use it in your own ministry.

We are beginning in Judges, largely because it is a book that he has not spent much time in. I chose Judges also because it is a book that does not water down or clean up the leaders that God chose to work through in Israel. Faults, foibles and all, everything is there on display for us to learn and learn from. We read on our own, journal through the passages (a chapter, a verse, a word. However the Spirit leads), and get together once a week in a time set aside specifically to discuss our findings. Now of course, should something be discovered before that day, we will make time to chat.

Set a plan, and stick to it. But remember, sometimes the Spirit may change your plans.