How Did You Find Me? vol.12

Here it is again! Another weekly round-up of my favorite search terms that led people here to Confessions of a Human Being!

  •  coca cola santa – yup, i have a post about santa and our debacle of whether or not to play santa with abby. but most people just want the picture…
  • must-read youth ministry – ooooh good series. i should start on this one…
  • what should our goals be for teens in ministry – great question. look for a post (or series of posts) on this one in the near future…
  • choosing leaders in your church – always an interesting process. look for more soon.
  • youth group room furniture – yes, the setting impacts the atmosphere impacts the mood impacts the learning impacts the growing. messy web, eh?
  • list of human downfalls – wow. what a broad term.
  • selecting quality leaders – see my answer to choosing leaders in your church.
  • stealing people from one church to another – go here if this topic intrigues you or it is happening to you.
  • a christmas concert based on Jesus – umm… shouldn’t they all be? Honestly?
  • what does the bible say about spirituality – loaded question. hmmm….
  • creative pick-up lines – sadly, this has become a lost art. not that there was much art to it before. but creativity was rampant for a while there. how you doin’?
  • the clothes teenagers wear lust pa – can we say fragment? but seriously, revealing clothes on teens is a problem.
  • prophet prophecy – huh?
  • i need your help jesus – we all do.