Busy Weekend

Another week, another full weekend for this Youth Pastor.

I spent about an hour Friday afternoon with a student discussing the first chapter of Judges, and the rest of the afternoon with a couple of students plotting out a video series that we will be creating early next year for Friday Night Flood. The ideas and the laughter flowed, and I cannot wait to get started on this stuff. It will be here when it gets produced. The rest of the evening was spent running Friday Night Flood (see yesterday’s post) and debriefing at Perkins afterwards.

After a laid-back morning Saturday, we took the evening to go shopping for Angel Tree kids with a couple of students and another youth ministry volunteer. A great time was had by all, and we capped off the evening by wrapping gifts, watching some old Christmas cartoons, and setting up a Facebook for one of the students.

Sunday will be packed again, as we will be at the church all afternoon and most of the evening for the Sunday School program’s Christmas Cantata. I will be recording the Steelers-Patriots game to watch about 2 hours after it is finished, and will be (hopefully) avoiding any and all news about the score all day long.

This is my weekend this week. How is yours going?