Friday Night Flood Rewind – 12/7/07

friday-night-flood.jpgTonight at Friday Night Flood (and yes, I am aware that this is posting on Saturday. I am writing it at 1:30 Saturday morning) we hosted a local band (Still Waiting. Great sound, solid message, and worth your time if you want them to play for you) for the biggest chunk of the evening. It was our first concert this year (and my first one since coming to Corry), and it showed us a lot about our ministry and our teens.

Our teens were enthusiastic for the first song. Then the second one started and a large portion of our crowd turned to their cell phones, pens-writing-on-each-others’-arms, and flirting. Midway through the concert (it ran for around 70 minutes when all was said and done) the band took a break and shared some testimonies with the crowd. Many teens were so disinterested that you could hear them over the mic’d band. After they started back into the rest of the set list, several of our disinterested teens began drifting out of the sanctuary (and even though the concert was held in the sanctuary, it was a surprisingly good venue for a rock concert. The only thing I would change would have been the pews) and attempting to roam free through the rest of the building. I am certain that many teens tonight heard and genuinely listened to the message, of this I have no doubt.

Tonight also showed me an opportunity for heart-to-heart genuine ministry. While Kelly was talking with/counseling a girl having a rough time (and her life story has many jagged edges for someone yet to encounter 9th grade), another student asked me to talk privately. He wanted help keeping up with his 2-and-a-half-week sobriety. Our conversation was a very good one, and we both realized that it was God’s providence that led this conversation to happen tonight. He was prepared to just leave and go party when the Spirit (my words, his were more along the lines of “I just said can we walk to you”) moved him to ask me to talk.

Friday Night Flood is a good gateway ministry. But that is all it is able to be. With an average of 60 teens each week, there is so little that we can do for our teens every Friday. There is so much brokenness and pain, hurt and venom, that we are many times at a loss as to how we should proceed with each student. Nights like tonight (Kelly’s student tonight was sharing [very little bit here] about how her friends assumed she had left and changed their slumber plans [they were originally staying at her house] to go to another girl’s house who wanted friends around because her dad was going out drinking and she did not want to be lonely. This left the first girl scrambling for plans because her mom would not be getting off work until 1 and would then proceed to here boyfriend’s house for the night.) serve to show us that God is using this ministry. He is not using it like we would expect Him to. But each week we pray for open hearts.

Open hearts. Sometimes it is pretty amazing how those hearts open up.