Lessons From a Christmas Concert

Our church hosted a Community Christmas Concert last night (the 26th annual). There are a few items I would like to share with you about the evening, things that I gleaned and will meditate upon myself.

  • Toward the end of the concert, a pastor from another church in the Corry area read a passage from Matthew on sharing the gospel (I’ll add the exact reference later when I can grab my program), and instead of offering a sermon, she simply asked the question “How can we share the Gospel?” She then answered her own question with one of my all-time favorite quotes. It is by St. Francis of Assissi. He states “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.” I have been challenged and encouraged to find our how best I can preach the Gospel with my life and my actions here in Corry and abroad. Great stuff.
  • There were many songs that centered around Jesus’ commitment to us and His sacrifice for us. One can never hear enough of this.
  • I was a tad convicted of my own closed-mindedness at times. I was warned ahead of time about a couple of the performances that would be showcased (volume of the singers not lining up with the song’s message, etc.), and expected a couple of the groups to really grate. And a couple did, but the problems were not because they were not offering their hearts for God, simply because they were attempting something that was a bit out of their abilities. Kudos for attempting to stretch for God.
  • Abigail is a hoot at a concert. Early on, she fell asleep in my arms, and at one point I looked down to discover that she was playing with her ear while sleeping and had rested her hand in such a position that her fingers were folding her ear over upon itself. She was closing her ear during the concert! A great entertainment to the teens seated around us. She also squealed for joy when I tickled her neck during a song later on in the concert.

Last night was a great start to the Christmas season. I love it.