Busy Saturday

After drifting off to sleep at around 3 this morning, I awoke around 9 to prepare for a lunchtime Youth Ministry Leadership planning meeting at our house. The meeting went very well, as we spent the first hour or so sharing a meal and life together. We then moved upstairs to hammer out some details for our New Year’s Lock-In and our Winter Retreat. We accomplished a lot this afternoon, and we enjoyed spending time together as a team.

After that wrapped up, a couple who lead another youth ministry in town, but help out with our Friday Night Flood ministry stayed to talk with me about all manner of things (and please remember them, as one of the huge things affecting them right now is that they are serving in a church that simply does not get it). In fact, while our meeting ended around 2:30, this couple did not leave until after 5. It was a great afternoon.

Then, another couple stopped in to hang out for a little bit. After hanging out and chatting, finding out that attempting to make our Internet connection in the house wireless might anger our provider (because of the way that they have it set up), and sharing some exciting news about Friday Night Flood with us, they went on their way. Then after dinner, Kelly put Abigail to sleep around 9, and we went about spending some good quality time together. And I am rendering video from last night for editing (should be getting the latest edition of Vegas soon!).

All that to say, it was a good day. And I do not have much of a voice left. I’m glad blogging does not require my vocal chords.