Wednesday Night Live – extended (11/28)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoTonight was a change of pace evening for us. Last week there was no WNL due to Thanksgiving, and we don’t begin a new series until next week (a three-part series exploring Jesus’ roles as Prophet, Priest and King – very excited about this). Over the past few months I have noticed that our teens are a little more Biblically literate than at our previous position, but some of the basic Christian principals (such as forgiveness, selflessness, and concern for others) are less prevalent. Much like a majority of American Christians, eh?

So I have decided to sprinkle lessons geared toward some of these principals in-between our longer-running series. Tonight was a lesson/discussion on forgiveness. It went well, though there was a lot of trouble getting the group to focus at times. Lots of smaller discussions going on, and none of them relating to anything that we could use to steer some discussion for the group. I was able to corral the group eventually, and we continued on our way.

I had our teens start by listing all the ways that they had been hurt by others in the recent past. They then listed all the times and ways that they themselves had hurt others. Then I relayed a little bit about how I myself had been hurt repeatedly by a couple of people in my life. We then watched the Luggage Nooma. After it was done, we discussed ideas such as our need to forgive, the nature of forgiveness, those whom we forgive and forgive repeatedly but continue to hurt us in the same ways, wishing those we forgive well, and our need to forgive today, instead of waiting for tomorrow.

To close it all down for the evening, I wrapped up our time together reiterating the major points and challenging our students to forgive those on their lists who had hurt them. I did this as I ripped their lists, symbolizing their letting God take over and their not holding onto the hurt themselves. I would have liked to burn them, but had forgotten the materials needed for that. I also challenged our teens to seek out those whom they had wronged and ask them for forgiveness.

I feel that it was a good evening. The content was good, the interaction and most of the response was great (after rustling the group back to earth), and the application seemed to really drive home for some of them. I pray that I will get to see real results and application over the next couple of weeks.