Random Rant

This is a totally random rant, and is really only me venting.

I have seen the same commercial for Wal-Mart all evening long. It is the one where a mother is the central character talking about how all her daughter wanted for Christmas was an iPod nano. And she found out that Wal-Mart carries iPods. Woohoo! While I take issue with the materialism that runs rampant this time of year, my real beef with this commercial lies in the subtle, misleading tact that Wal-Mart takes. The mother comments on how the price for the iPod nano was so great. This is bordering on false advertising. Apple dictates the prices of iPods. Wal-Mart cannot cut the prices without being hauled into court by Apple. I have issue with Wal-Mart making it seem like they are going to be the best place to buy an iPod this Christmas because of their normally great lower prices.

But you know what really bothers me the most? The embarrassing amount of shoppers who will be blindly be drawn in to make this purchase because they will not take 30 seconds to find out this information for themselves. We Americans are truly lazy. And we will believe far too much of what advertisers will tell us.

I’m done. Please don’t take this as my knock on Wal-Mart as a whole. We do a lot of our shopping there. I just have a problem with their advertising. But I am curious as to what you think, O’ gentle reader?