Thanksgiving Roundup

I am back from the long weekend, and ready for action… if only it were not raining all day. I honestly would rather have snow. Even here in the northwest part of PA, where snow is a very solid reality from November through April.

So to ease me back into blogging, I thought I would share some thoughts with you from the weekend…

  • My grandfather is doing a little better. He is currently adjusting to a nursing/recovery facility (since he technically is not sick enough to stay in the hospital), and he got to see Abigail for the first time. It lit his face right up. And she enjoyed seeing her great-grandfather as well. In addition, we got to see my uncle and cousin from Washington and my aunt from San Diego (none of whom have I seen in a long time), and Kelly and Abigail got to meet them for the first time. It was priceless to see my cousin’s reaction as she discovered that the baby lying on the couch was mine, since she had not seen me in about 8 years!
  • We got to see Kelly’s grandfather as well. It is always good to take Abigail to see him. It gives him so much joy to be able to see his great-granddaughter. And he needs a lot of joy in his life right about now.Abigail and Reuben
  • We got to hang out with my family a lot, even my grandparents. And Abigail got to spend a lot of time playing with her cousin Reuben, now that they realize that the other one is there. I got some video of them, and snapped a few pics, such as this one from my cell phone.
  • I spent a lot of down time creating video bumps and images for upcoming teaching series I will be using at Wednesday Night Live.
  • I also spent a lot of time wrestling with whether or not to continue using Stage6 for my videos, since adult content is so easily accessible there. More on this later this week..

That was pretty much my weekend. How was yours?