How Did You Find Me? vol.9

Here it is, the ninth collection of my favorite search terms that led readers here this week:

  • fat speedo – now you’re just getting lazy…
  • swimsuit man – faster than a dsl modem, more powerful than a snapping wet towel!
  • mullets at wedding – …really?
  • discussing santa with children – we are wrestling through this one.
  • guitar hero 3 + youth groups – great discussion. would you use it?
  • effective type of missionary – not one that knocks on your door and insults you…
  • school assembly seven project – check out the posts. lots of potential, but one-and-done event downfalls.
  • halo at youth group – you have angels at yours?
  • little white lies, marriage – but why are you searching for these two terms together?
  • youth pastor boundaries – i look to blog on this soon. come back!
  • i need a lesson for tonight for youth – did you get one from me?
  • human being run over by something – umm…why?
  • abigail 18 pics – umm… who?
  • funny email about the origin of the mullet – send it to me!
  • why do humans fear change – because it is hard and is typically a sign of growth – something that for some reason we fear as well.
  • rookie youth pastors – please keep sticking around here.
  • high school football video game – is there such a thing?