Friday Night Low Tide – 11/16/2007

friday-night-flood.jpgHormones abound! At least tonight they did. And that made for an interesting evening.

Tonight we were back in the church for the evening. We were able to gather most of the adult leadership beforehand for prayer, which was the first time in several weeks, and I do feel that it was this that kept our leaders so level-headed when the hormones began to rage. Drama, catfights, general belligerence… the whole nine yards.

We are opening the doors to mostly kids who come from the “unchurched” crowd. A lot of the students that we see each week are coming from home lives that are less than ideal, and a lot of our teens either have never been taught, or have willingly forgotten basic respect for others’ property and others period. We even had someone attempt to steal and hide a leader’s glasses.

We had a Plan B night. The leader who was originally scheduled to speak e-mailed me this afternoon to inform me that he would not be able to make it tonight. So in planning the Truth portion of the evening, I was leaning toward a Nooma video that would dovetail from our game. Which, by the way, I hope to soon get video up of because it was pretty hilarious. But God had other plans. The Nooma was not going to fly. The group would not have made it through an 11 minute video tonight. So instead, the script went out the window (two weeks in a row now. hmmm) and instead I spent a few minutes sharing about why we should not be creating masks, and trying to be people that God did not create us to be. (It tied in great to the game we used, because we had 3 guys believe that they were coming in to sit on a couch between two girls to deliver their best pickup line… not knowing that there was no seat in the middle. It made them look ridiculous when they were trying to be something that they were not). I do not know whether or not the message was well received. It will take more time to see if they really want to take us adults up on our offer to help them discover who God created them to be.

Even though tonight was a hormonally driven, and there was too much drama for this leader… I look forward to seeing if any of our teens want us to help them discover where God has them headed on their own journey. And I still love being a Youth Pastor.