Friday Night Low Tide – 10/5/2007

Friday Night FloodLast night’s FNFlood was a much quieter evening than we have had since starting the program back up in September. This was not unexpected, as last night was Corry’s Homecoming. And while the football team lost pretty badly (35-7), our intimate evening was a really good one all around.

We had a couple of new adult volunteers stop in and help run things. I got to spend some time one-on-one  with a junior higher that I typically do not get to spend time with (true it consisted of us chatting a little while I trounced him in basketball, but the conversation was pretty good toward the end). We got to pour a lot more individual attention into students who really were craving it. And programatically it was just a lot smoother.

We closed our time of truth with a Nooma video. For anyone who has not seen it, it is titled Rain. It features Rob Bell relating a time when he and his son were caught in a downpour while out for a walk. He then tied that in to how God cares for us, responding to us when we cry out, and holding us close, whispering to us “I love you buddy. Daddy knows the way home.” There were a lot of people there – both students and adults alike – that needed to be comforted and reminded of God’s everlasting unconditional love for us. In a word, it was powerful.

While there was a significant drop in numbers, it didn’t matter. First because numbers is not what we are about. Second because we got to pour so much more in to our teens this week. What a difference bathing a program in prayer makes. (Knew that before this week, but haven’t been able to get us all together before the evening begins until tonight).

Look for the Friday Night Flood promotional video next week sometime…