10 Random Movies to Use in Ministry

Here are ten random movies you can use for Youth Ministry Discussion. Some you might have already thought about, others you might be surprised by. Most of these movies will have portions that are not necessarily appropriate, necessary, or agreeable, but the main story of each one is what I was going for. Feel free to add your two cents on any of these choices, and be sure to look for my next installment of 10 movies you can use down the road. Perhaps this might become a regular item, hmm?

  • Saved – great for exploring what Christianity can be perceived as and what some of it boils down into when we withdraw from the rest of society. Senior High and College appropriate.
  • Constantine – Thought-provoking and head scratching plot that will force viewers to really question just how far their own beliefs run when it comes to the supernatural. Upper-Senior High and College appropriate.
  • Spider-Man Trilogy – Great examples of pride, ego, sin, sacrifice, evil, fallenness, greed, love and redemption. Junior High through College appropriate.
  • Batman Begins – Opens up viewers to really discuss the ideas of fear, self-denial, heroism, and redemption. Senior High and College appropriate.
  • Superman Returns – You know the story by now, everyone jumped on it. But honestly, there is a lot of imagery that can be used to draw viewer’s hearts toward Christ and His sacrifice for humanity. Senior High and College appropriate.
  • Rebound – Follows a prideful, arrogant coach who is humbled and ultimately redeemed through the process. Junior High and Senior High appropriate.
  • X-Men Trilogy – Topics such as slavery, pride, envy, racism, heroism, sacrifice, love and more can be drawn from these three films, especially X2. Senior High and College appropriate.
  • Elf – Use this film to explore the idea of faith like a child, family values, hope and joy. Junior High and Senior High appropriate.
  • Crash – Great exploration of human nature, sin, fallenness, restoration, depravity, redemption and more. Upper Senior High and College appropriate.
  • Frequency – This movie explores the idea of communication, family bonds and values, love, support, heroism and more. Senior High and college appropriate.