The Lake House

I was not expecting to spend any serious time writing a review for this movie when my wife and I sat down to watch it. I figured that it was a simple chick-flick coupled with a little science fiction. But I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this film.

The Lake House begins with the premise of finding the person you were meant for… but they live two years apart from you. Quirky, I know, but it works. Sandra Bullockplays Kate Forster, a lonely doctor who has just moved out of a Lake House and into Chicago. Keanu Reevesplays Alex Wyler, an architect and the next tenant in the same Lake House… but really he is the previous tenant, the one who lived there before Sandra’s character did.

There is very little negative in this film. There are characters who co-habitate instead of marrying. Alcohol is used to escape from loneliness and stress (not the healthiest escape). One character kisses a man whom she is not dating and is interrupted by her boyfriend. But beyond that, there is not a whole lot that drags this movie down morally. There are times when it is a little slow, and times where there are odd cuts and out of character camera work, but those problems are minor.

The story sets out to give us two people who are lonely and searching. They “meet” by chance, through a mailbox that somehow (and this is never fully explained) can warp time so that these tow people can communicate – even from two years apart. They forge a friendship that blossoms into a deep, open, loving relationship. They even manage to work through an argument instead of walking away. Matters of love, forgiveness and devotion to family are discussed in a positive light. Kate at one point speaks of needing to be content with the life that she has now instead of searching for something that is not there.

What strikes me the most about this story is that it paints a solid picture of the patience required of real love. Several times throughout the movie Kate and Alex are required to wait – sometimes for a full two years – before meeting. And they do so patiently. This movie shows just how important patience is, both to love and to a solid relationship. Patience in all areas. And yes, this extends to sex… even though they are two years apart and cannot practically engage in sexual intercourse, when they do meet, sex is not shown to be a major factor.

All in all, The Lake House is well done, tells a fairly solid story, and places genuine importance on patience within love. Rent it and watch it. It’s worth your time. It gives us a great look at genuine love and patience between two people… just imagine how patient God is with us.