I am like Tim Taylor

Home Improvement LogoOne of my favorite shows from back in the mid nineties was Home Improvement. I have been catching up on the reruns on TBS weekdays when I come home for lunch. One of the things that I have enjoyed the most has been rediscovering just how much I can be like Tim Allen’s character, Tim Taylor.

I do not attempt to soup up every electrical appliance that I come into contact with, nor do I have my own TV Show, but I tend to screw up just as frequently as he manages to. Usually he does not set out to create most of the accidents that he winds up creating. For instance, right now I am watching an episode in which Tim hopes to create a great dance floor for Randy’s (the middle son) first boy/girl party, and in his fervor to make it perfect he drastically overwaxes and Randy’s crush sprains her ankle on it.

How often do I do this in my life. I set out with the best intentions, yet manage to overdo it or force things that are not what God desires. How many times have I overwaxed this week? This month? I am just greatful and thankful that God and my wife are ready to forgive me when I do, and help me to make things right.