The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Okay, so it only took me 2 weeks to write this review… or at least it took me 2 weeks to take the time to sitdown and write this review. So it is not going to be as detailed as I had wanted it to be, but I will do my best.

Without giving too much away, The Exorcism of Emily Rose is the story of a failed exorcism that’s failure draws the attention of the state to a family’s home, and then the state brings the priest who performed the exorcism to trial for endangering the life of Emily Rose.

Through the movie we are drawn into the lives of Emily, the priest, and his defense attorney. The story essentially places the supernatural world of demons and angels on trial in the corporeal realm. And the movie moves at a pace that really doesdraw the viewer in. Is the defense attorney truly being attacked by demons or is it merely her imagination? Did Emily truly have Stigmata or did she merely use barbed wire fence to inflict wounds into her own hands? DO demons exist or was Emily merely psychotic and prone to seizures?

The movie does an excellent job of raising tough questions such as these, and never truly answers them. It leaves you searching on your own, which this reviewer thinks is the best ending for a movie with such weighty subject matter as this. Sure, the court hands down its ruling on the case, but you the viewer are left to choose on your own what you believe.

This movie is a truly thought provoking one, and is downright freaky at times. It is one that every Christian who has ever wondered what we struggle against that we cannot see should view. Watch it as a group. Hold a discussion. Don’t let it just be a movie towatch and forget. Use it to dialogue with other like-minded believers and questioning searchers alike. There are no easy answers to these topics in real life. Let’s check out a movie that answers in the same way.