Hinder: Lips of an Angel

Okay, so here is the skinny. Hinder is a relatively new band (at least to the mainstream market). I tried looking into some of their backstory, but at the time of this post their site is down. I suppose for some maintenance. But what I have learned about the band is this. They love to play their music. They also are on a mission to bring back lust and sex in rock n’ roll. In fact, if you visit VH1.com and check out Hinder on their“You Oughta Know” section, you will see direct quotation and description of what Hinder stands for… with lust central to every line rasped by singer Austin Wankler(direct quote). The album has been described as an “ode to debauchery” (sinking to a state of low moral standards, immoral conduct or practices harmful or offensive t osociety). So with all that out of the way, let’s look at one particular song that is climbing the charts currently.

The song is written from the perspective of Wankler (lead singer) and is a recounting of an event that actually happened to him. His old girlfriend called him late at night to confess a mistake she had made. No problem there, right? Except for that Wankler’s new girlfriend was in the next room.

Throughout the song Wankler remains firm that he needs to be faithful to his new girlfriend, even though his old girlfriend makes it very hard. He has very strong feelings for her still, and is allowing those feelings to affect his life currently. By his admission in the song, neither one of them ever moved on after the relationship was over. He expresses a desire to go back to the failed relationship and forever live in the past, in the good memories. All in all, it seems as if it is a pretty romantic song, right? One that emphasizes love and good emotions. This is where the song really fails.

The song puts across the idea that the emotions are the important part of the relationship. Not real love. Love is not the emotions and feelings that we feel about other people. Love in this case would be stepping forward, confessing that the feelings still exist to the new girlfriend, and then working through those feelings with HER, not the ex. It is good that Wankler sees this as a problem, something that should not happen. But he never takes a firm stand one way or the other. The song ends with the same question that it started with “Honey why are you calling me so late?” We never see him decide between the two women.

One other point to remember. Though it is not explicit I this song, based on the worldview the band has, the line “My girl’s in the next room” during a late-night call would seem to support a sexual relationship outside of marriage. Hmmm…

In the end, Wankler needs to realize that the old relationship is over, and the new one needs to be his focus. You cannot carry on a private, secret relationship with the ex behind the new girlfriends’ back. It is anything BUT romantic. It is sneaky, underhanded, untruthful, and simply wrong. Even though the song is catchy, and the music is fairly good (if you are a fan of vanilla, rock ballads), it puts across a worldview that is skewered far from the ideal. Take a pass on this song, and find something that conveys the REAL idea of love in a better manner.