Nothing Like a Child’s Laughter

As a new dad, I had to share this. While stopping in at Wal-Mart Friday afternoon (Kelly and I are in Ohio for my little sister’s wedding), I was playing with Abigail as… Continue reading

My Response to Some Flak from My View on Joel Osteen

Some of you have noticed that I have posted my thoughts on Joel Osteen’s 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday night. An interesting note for regular readers as well, I expected a small… Continue reading

Missions, Teens and a Really Big Van

Our church’s 46th annual Missions Conference is still going strong here on Wednesday night. As part of that we planned on working a visit from a missionary into our Wednesday Night Live programming… Continue reading

My Thoughts on Joel Osteen and his 60 Minutes Interview

I recorded Sunday evening’s (October 14, 2007) edition of 60 minutes for one simple reason. They were profiling Joel Osteen. It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog regularly… Continue reading

Crowder + Guitar Hero = Awesome

Had to share this. It is too perfect. Enjoy.

How Did You Find Me? vol.4

Here it is again. My favorite search engine terms that led readers to my blog this week. Last week’s edition had over 30 hits in less than 3 days. I wonder how this… Continue reading

Evan Almighty – a Few Observations

Kelly and I rented Evan Almighty through Netflix this week. After having heard so many different views on both sides of the fence, I figured I’d weigh in on the subject… ever so… Continue reading

The Week in Youth Ministry

I just sat down on my couch after a long week of ministry. It is early Saturday morning, Abigail is fast asleep beside me, and as I reflect upon my week, I am… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood Video

Here it is. After a month of gathering footage, I finally got to put it together to form a promotional video of Friday Night Flood to share with other churches in our area.… Continue reading

My Thoughts on Halo in Youth Ministry

Okay, I usually try not to jump on the bandwagon of “trend blogging ” (those topics that it seems every blogger in the world hits on in the span of a few days… Continue reading