When You Absolutely Must Alter Plans

One of the basic tenets of Youth Ministry is to be flexible. You could also describe this as being fluid, rolling with the punches, always having a plan B. However you want to… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live Extended – 11/7/2007

I know where our group needs to look towards over the next year. I discovered it last night during dinner. But let me start over for you. Or church hosts a dinner for… Continue reading

Air Guitar Hero

This was a game Friday Night @ Friday Night Flood. Thought you might like to see it.

Choose Life

Our church hosted District Worship this morning. For those who might be unfamiliar with this concept, it is a day where members from churches in the area (for us it is Erie county… Continue reading

How Did You Find Me? vol.7

It’s that time again! My list of favorite search terms that led people here this week! impersonal evangelism – It does exist! And I hate it! Fat man with mullet – wow. that… Continue reading

Friday Night Low Tide – 11/2/2007

Tonight was another difficult evening at Friday Night Flood. I could really tell that we were fighting against a lot tonight. Not just on the physical plane, but on the Spiritual plane as… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – extended

A little late in getting this post up, but I wanted to keep in the habit of blogging about the evening as part of my own debriefing. Last night was a much smaller… Continue reading

Seth Franco’s Message

Got the message from last Friday’s Friday Night Flood program. I missed out on catching Seth’s ball handling skills on tap, but I got the message. Disregard the low quality video, as we… Continue reading

Joel Osteen 60 Minutes Interview

I wanted to post this a while back when I originally blogged about the interview, but it was unavailable. But since then, someone has placed it up on YouTube in 2 parts (darn… Continue reading

A Break in the Action

The site will be sans posts from me for a couple of days (unless I set some up ahead of time). Kelly and I are in Ohio for her grandmother’s funeral. She passed… Continue reading