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The Discipline of Service

There is a lot more to this chapter than I was expecting. I have been involved in church life since before I can remember. Service has always been one of the chief tenants… Continue reading

Family Fun Day

Our little girl has finished her first year of preschool. We are very proud of her and got to celebrate with her. Here’s a snippet of what her class had to show us… Continue reading

The Perfect Penitent

What is the core teaching of Christianity?

Avengers Assemble!

I saw Marvel’s The Avengers twice in the span of 20 hours. Was it worth it? I think so…

They Just Don’t Get Baptism

Shouldn’t a journalist check his facts before going to press?

Toby is Three!

some fun video from Toby’s third birthday party


Something to prepare myself for The Avengers…

My Boy is Three!

Is my son really three years old now?

The Shocking Alternative

Here in this chapter CS Lewis finally gets around to laying down some solid, Christian doctrine. In these 6 pages Lewis explores Jesus and His claims of godhood from a very logical perspective.… Continue reading

The Pinky Ate My Brain

May’s one80 Link featuring my temporarily pink hair.