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The Giglio Imbroglio

Are you tired of hearing about the pastor who was dis-invited from the White House?

A Great Question to Ask Your Volunteers

Want a great question that will help your volunteer leaders in ministry?

2012 In Review

What a year 2012 was for me

Destination: Unknown!

We’ve gone on our Destination Unknown!

Man of Steel

The New Man of Steel trailer is out!

Two Notes

Lewis recaps a couple of arguments for the reader, and offers a new thought to startle us all…

Exploring Advent with Teenagers (Wednesday Night in Review 12.5)

We explore advent with our teens

The Obstinate Toy Soldier

What if you could turn a tin soldier into a real man?

Good Infection

Which came first, God the Father or God the Son?

A Winter Wonderland of Announcements

What happens when the weekend announcements get caught up in Christmas?